Useful frontend and design resources #1

We all need some inspiration sometimes. Luckily we have access to a lot of great tools and tons of resources out there that can help us build better things for the web. Here's a short collection of tools and references that can help you speed up your designs or overcome a lack of inspiration.

Website inspiration

Pages in this category are great to get unstuck if you don't know how to design a certain section or element. See what's hot right now and get inspired by what's out there.

UI / UX Interactions

below are some great collections that display specific UI interactions or flows inside applications, without much regard for the bigger context.


Good typefaces can make or break a design. Here's a small collection of great resources to get free and paid fonts.

Icons / SVG

Finding good icon sets that contain just the right icons for a project can be challenging. Here's a small selection of awesome sets and sites where you can find more.

Prototyping / Designing

Get your design right by starting with early mockups and prototypes, or move straight into powerful design tools like Figma and Sketch.

Other Tools

Some more useful tools that help you generate patters, blobs, encode SVGs and match fonts ✨